Wayne is a library manager for all those books and graphic novels that you own and store in Dropbox.

It will retrieve all metadata from multiple sources and present your comics collection in a pretty, practical way that you can manage and read wherever you are.

Wayne is in beta, want access? Tell Bruce why

๐Ÿ™Œ Features

Dropbox powered

Just put your comics in Dropbox to start organising your library and forget about local storage. It's that simple.

Smart metadata

Wayne will search for the comic details and retrieve its metadata to keep your library nicely catalogued and structured - you can always edit the details yourself or add extra elements like multiple story arcs.

On top of that, Wayne will automatically move the file to its right location in Dropbox.

It currently uses Goodreads as a metadata source but exploring other interesting options.

Read on the go

Save comics offline and read them wherever you are. Wayne also keeps track of your reading progress.

Filters, Properties and Search

Browse through collections, series and story arcs, whatever you prefer. Or filter by pre-defined properties like unread, starred and offline comics

You can also search for any contents in the metadata to find what you want.

Your stuff is yours only

The contents of your library are private, for your eyes only - as it should be.

Automatic backups

You'll never loose your library. Automatic backups enable your library to be always in sync if you use multiple devices.

Open to suggestions

Let me know your thoughts and what features you'd like to have, I listen (just keep in mind I code in my free time!)