Wayne is a library manager for all those books and graphic novels that you own and store in Dropbox.

It will retrieve all metadata from multiple sources and present your comics collection in a pretty, practical way that you can manage and read wherever you are.

Wayne is in beta, want access? Tell Bruce why


What do I need to use Wayne?

You just need a Dropbox account. Nothing more, nothing else.

Do you support any other cloud storage solutions?

Not at the moment.

There are plans to include Google Drive in the near future, but not until both iOS and Android apps are fully developed and stable.

How many comics can I catalogue?

As many comics as you have. You are only bounded by the space you have in Dropbox.

Where's the pricing?

Still working on this. It will very likely be a minor one-off purchase; the goal is to keep the lights running (backend sync servers, dev licenses costs).

I'm not planning to make money out of it - I created Wayne because there was no other app that could do what I needed and thought it would be useful for others too.

Happy to hear your thoughts.

Do you store any of my personal data or library contents?

Your library metadata is saved in two places:

  • in your devices (the app itself)
  • in a backend server to perform real-time sync between devices

I don't have access to any of your content (and will never have).

Where does Wayne get the metadata from?

So far it uses the following sources:

Other options I'm exploring:

  • ComicVine - each user would need to bring their API to get over their number of queries limits

Other options I considered in the past and are discarded:

  • GoogleBooks - it was used in the past but it's pretty unfriendly and incomplete
  • Amazon

How will Wayne organise my comics?

Wayne organises your comics in your Dropbox based on the metadata.

When you add a new comic, it is moved to the folder where it should belong. Same applies when you update the metadata anytime down the track.

In that, I have decided to use the following structure, which fits right for most scenarios. Being [home] your library root folder in Dropbox - for example /Library

If the comic is neither in a collection nor a series:

[home]/_no collection/[comic title]

If the comic is in a series but not in a collection:

[home]/_no collection/[series]/[vol number] [comic title]

If the comic is in a collection but not in a series:

[home]/[collection]/[comic title]

If the comic is in both a collection and a series:

[home]/[collection]/[series]/[vol number] [comic title]

As a comic can belong to multiple story arcs, we decided to let this metadata out of the folder structure.

This structure is not customisable at the moment.

Can I read my comics too?

Yes, if you have DRM-free comics! So far it supports the following formats:

  • .cbz/.zip
  • .pdf
  • .cbr/.rar

Sounds amazing. How can I get the app?

Did I say that Wayne finally is in public beta? I'm currently focused on finishing the iOS app. Android support will come later. Web... who knows?

There is no plan to support any other platform at the moment, neither are desktop apps. For Windows users, I recommend the fantastic UWP app Cover by FrenchFry.

Can I use multiple devices with a single library?

Definitely! Everything is synced in real time

Where is the documentation? How do I start?

Alfred is working on it as hard as he can.

Why “Wayne” you may ask?

I've been reading comics since I was a kid and Batman has been my favourite hero of them all, by far.