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Knock Knock
1 min read
August 02, 2017

Seems it was not that long ago when I started crafting the idea of this project - A clean, efficient way to manage and catalogue your comics. A way to lose yourself and browse through your entire library, and pick those you want to read offline. All from a single place, wherever you are.

However, as it tends to happen things didn't go as planned: lots of free time consumed, corrupted repos, restarts from scratch, new designs, new app names and a never ending list of things that pushed this development further than I ever expected.

But hey, if you want something you have to roll up your sleeves and follow through, right? It tends to pay off and in this case it has.

That's why today I'm happy to announce that Wayne App is open for public beta. So excited! 👊 Simply request access in the project's page and tell Bruce why. Anybody that is super keen to provide active feedback will have priority (no brainer).

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.